Friday, April 20, 2007

Kirsten Dunst -- The New Debbie Harry!?

When shocking, strange or just plain crazy bits of information swim through the veins of movie news, there's often some way to disregard it. Maybe it's a rumor, or maybe the people in question aren't the best in the business -- so you can toss it off to a lack of taste. However, when the news is linked to the well-respected, you have to wonder what's in the water. This isn't the first time Kirsten Dunst news has stopped me in my tracks. I wondered what Sam Raimi was thinking with Spider-Man, and then what Sofia Coppola was thinking with Marie Antoinette. (I actually used to enjoy Dunst, but as time has passed, so has the appreciation.)

Now, it looks like I will have to wonder what Michel Gondry is thinking. The man is responsible not only for intriguing music videos like Cibo Matto's Sugar Water, but also for the surreal Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and the more recent, The Science of Sleep. Now, if inferences on her hints are true, Gondry is doing the unthinkable -- something that truly rivals Lindsay Lohan as Stevie Nicks. In an interview for New Zealand's online mag Stuff, Kirsten Dunst started hinting at her next project with Gondry: "[It's] about somebody who everybody knows, but I can't say who it is." She then admitted that the somebody in question is a "well-known singer." If she is, indeed, going to be singing about a Heart of Glass, let's just hope they use the original music and not a Dunst version. To give her credit, she looks similar, but can she pull of the curling lip and killer eyes?

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