Thursday, May 24, 2007


THERE SHE GOES: Following up on her latest album, Misundaztood, Pink is leaping into motion pictures with an appearance in Rollerball. BETTER “PINK” THAN “OOZING”: Despite the usual fuchsia ’do, Pink (aka Alecia Moore) actually earned her nickname due to her propensity for blushing. PEOPLE ARE ANIMALS: “I cheated [on my boyfriend]. It’s a natural thing for people. People are animals. Our human nature is to conquer. I did it so he would find out. At the time, I felt like it was good revenge. I taught him a good lesson, but I taught myself that it wasn’t worth it.” “I have a whip I used for Rollerball. I got the whole outfit. The whips, the chains, the handcuffs—everything. I haven’t used it yet—I need the [right] opportunity.”

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