Thursday, May 3, 2007

Born 4 Porn:Jenna Jameson

Jenna Jameson spends most of her life naked. In person, the first thing that one notices about her is that she is tiny everywhere (those ankles!), except where she is not. The icons of several lovers, past and present, are tattooed on her body. (The blonde Jenna look-alike on her right calf is Melissa Ann, a very close friend and Penthouse Pet; the name of her fianc�, Justin Sterling, is written across her knuckles.) At the Paper photo shoot she poses covered by nothing but a strategically placed snowboard from Sims, which bears an image of herself. "I can't ride my own board, of course," she says. "I'll have my man ride me. And I'll ride one of the other girls. Maybe Briana. That would be hot."
Briana is Briana Banks, who, like Jenna, is a Vivid Girl. She also happens to have starred with Jenna in a video called Briana Loves Jenna, which just happens to have become the best-selling adult title of 2002. The popular mythology of Jenna Jameson has her walking into the office of Steve Orenstein, the president of Wicked Pictures, to inform him that she was going to be the biggest porn star in the world and that, if he wanted to get on board, he should probably sign her up right then and there.
"My dad always told me that you've got to act like you own the world," she says. "I lied through my teeth. And it worked. I'm happy doing what I love, and I love what I do. The money is like the cherry on a sundae."
At 29, Jenna Jameson is indeed the biggest porn star in the world. She has starred in 48 movies and is under contract with Vivid Video. There is a Jenna Jameson doll. She runs her own Web site, ClubJenna, and owns the rights to her movies, which means that she will receive fees from her distributors from "now until I am 90, which is a lot of money, considering that everything I put out is the No. 1 best-seller."
She is also a cultural icon. She has hosted E!'s Wild On series, appeared on NBC's Mister Sterling (playing a senator's girlfriend) and starred in music videos with Korn and Eminem. She's a regular guest on The Howard Stern Show and also played a role in his movie Private Parts. She already has enough material to be the subject of an E! True Hollywood Story. ("That was a big deal for me," she confesses. "Usually, you have to do something horrible -- like rob a bank or murder someone before they notice you. So I tried to pull out as many horrible stories as possible.") And now she's writing her autobiography with the help of New York Times music writer Neil Strauss, who also collaborated with M�tley Cr�e and Marilyn Manson on their autobiographies. ("I'm letting loose! I'm telling everything! It's scary but fun.")

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